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Unveiling energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Our mission

Nelinor is bringing the latest technologies in IoT and
analytics stream processing to make it easy, accessible, affordable and fast for everyone to manage and measure their energy consumption. 

Instant overview

  • Alerts via multiple channels based on predefined conditions
  • Real time energy consumption monitoring
  • Detailed analytics of every room or appliance
  • Multi-user support
  • Access from anywhere (web and mobile)

Save time

Noticed an unusual behavior? You don't have to spend hours anymore to know where the problem came from!


What appliance spent the most energy last Friday? What time did the lights in kitchen go off? Which day of the year did you spend most energy? Know it all with just a click!

Mobile friendly

You can access all the data from anywhere as long as you have your phone and internet connection handy!

Get it all just with this small hub

  • Monitor up to 14 circuits
  • Real-time data streaming using Wi-Fi
  • Voltage reference input for high accurancy
  • Measures Voltage, frequency, power (Watts), current (Amps), VA, energy (kWh) and power-factor
  • Saves data locally for up to 15 years
  • Supports 3-phases

Who is it for?

Know immediately whose apartment is consuming over the limit, where the fridge broke or when the washing machine is being used way too excessively. And much more!

Did you know that energy production is responsible for a lot of carbon dioxide emissions? Now you have an opportunity to lower it and live greener!

Measure your machines and production lines energy consumption. Tweak and adjust while looking at the result in real-time. 

Helps you in detecting major energy consumers and whether it makes sense to replace the machine.

Why spend too much unnecessary energy when you can just sell it back?

Now that you know exactly where your energy goes, you can effectively optimize your consumption and prolong your battery life.

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